Shane Maguire

A Kiwi from New Zealand, Shane Maguire moved to the states permanently at the age of 24 in his pursuit of the American dream. An entrepreneurial idealist with a zeal for new ideas, he challenges and inspires people to do their best. Shane’s fondness for sailing and aviation is among his many interests. 

In 2008, we launched The Gold Guys; a precious metals business, buying old and unwanted gold, and silver items directly from the public. We began this venture with as little as $40,000 and in a few short years, the Gold Guys had processed well over $400 million to date. Employing 150, we expanded from our former home base (Mall of America), to 18 locations nationwide, serving hundreds of thousands of happy customers. In 2019, Shane purchased a 16 year old, whole food manufacturing facility in Tennessee. He and his team of professionals have successfully updated, modified and enhanced the facility and several key products to bring to market under fresh and relevant branding. Science that matters, science for the body.

Shane has an extensive background in Network marketing, both as an affiliate and corporate, spanning over a 20 year period. His experience with both sides of the isle, offers a unique perspective of balance and accountability to the field. He truly has a passion for the industry and brings years of business dedication for the overall success of NanoCore Life (NCL). As CEO, Shane’s promise to you: We will always strive to deliver state of the art Science backed products and business opportunity available today. We are dedicated to bringing you the very best in training, tools and support this industry has to offer. Your success is paramount to our success and therefore a primary reason for our dedication to you and your ultimate experience with NanoCore Life.